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Love Your Cashmere

     I recently audited a client’s closet and as we were going through her sweaters, she pulled out a pile of cashmere, sighed and rolled her eyes. “I love my cashmere, but I just can’t believe I paid so much money to have them all start pilling. And they are all just from last season!”
     We’ve all been there. Plunking down a couple hundred dollars for that buttery soft cashmere sweater only to find that a few months later…pills, pills, pills. According to The Laundress, though, it’s not because there was something defective in the quality of the garment. “Pilling happens from wearing, not washing.  Pilling is not necessarily a sign of poor quality; it’s actually the cashmere naturally shedding.”
     There are an array of pill removers, sweater shavers, etc. out there. A good pill remover is key. I highly recommend The Laundress New York for J.Crew sweater comb.  If you really want to go hardcore on your sweaters, you can also literally give your sweaters the full spa treatment with a sweater stone and sweater comb (yes, you actually brush your sweaters).
     So no need to feel like Fluffy, your favorite cashmere cardigan, failed you. Simply give her a little TLC and she’ll be back…just like new.
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