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Ultimate Guy’s Bag…That Also Works for Mommy?

Kurtz backpack. Photo courtesy of Madly Bags.

It’s hard to find a bag that works for me professionally and personally. Some days I’m toting around binders, papers and measuring tape. Some days I’m hauling snacks, toys, and water bottles. I want something utilitarian and sturdy, but stylish and of lux quality. Timeless and classic, but youthful and fun.

Enter Madly Bags. The line of leather carryalls are the brainchild of real-life couple Melanie Dizon —  women’s shoe and bag designer extraordinaire (if you shopped at Circle Boutique, you likely remember her unforgettable line of purses, which I still carry to this day) — and Jake Quellman.

Yes, they’re for boys, but  that’s never stopped me before. Because they’re designed to “get better with age,” I can’t imagine a more perfect bag for both my professional days working with clients and mommy days running after a toddler and preschooler. As for design inspiration, think Coppola’s “Apocolypse Now,” which the duo channels for their second season together.

I am especially coveting the vegetable-tanned leather of the “Kurtz” backpack (above). Filipino tanners (the line is produced in the Phillipines where Dizon’s family hails from) produced the cracked leather straps using a local treating method. I can see the bag both with a tailored, professional look and with skinny jeans, boots,  and a toddler on one hip.

Guys, check out the cross-body bags and the sleek business bag that will house your laptop and day timer in style. Not available locally (but I can see them at For the Greater Good, hint-hint); at least not yet. They will soon be available online.

In the meantime pictures will have to suffice…enjoy.

  1. gabeluis
    March 5, 2010 at 6:14 pm

    Nice, but what about something a wee bit smaller? I will be looking in Rome.

  2. November 22, 2010 at 7:19 am

    i see some women who choose womens shoes that are brightly colored and very stylish ~.`

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